Master the Glisson pedicle control hepatectomy technique according to Takasaki

Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital has mastered the Glisson pedicle control hepatectomy technique according to Takasaki, and many cases of liver cancer patients have had successful surgery.
Recently, with the training and technical transfer of experts from Central Military Hospital 108, doctors from the Department of Gastroenterology – Hepatobiliary Surgery, Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital have mastered the technique of hepatectomy . Glisson pedicle control according to Takasaki, thanks to which many cases of liver cancer patients were successfully operated right in their home province.

The two most recent cases of patients undergoing surgery are NVN patients (53 years old, residing in Tung Lam commune, Nghi Son town) with a history of smoking cigarettes and waterpipe tobacco, along with hepatitis B. Recently, Patients with fatigue, poor appetite, and pain in the right upper quadrant should see a doctor and be hospitalized for inpatient treatment at the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Surgery, Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital. Through examination, paraclinical tests and abdominal computed tomography, it was shown that the patient had a tumor in subsegment VI, measuring 43 x 68 mm.

The second case is patient LNT (63 years old, residing in Thanh Hoa city), with a history of hepatitis B. Recently, the patient showed signs of fatigue, loss of appetite, and indigestion. Through examination, tests and abdominal computed tomography, doctors concluded that the patient had a mass in the lower segments V, VI and part of segment VII, the tumor was close to the inferior vena cava, large in size. size 50 x 45 mm.

According to doctors, both of the above cases have quite large tumors and need to be operated on early to prevent the risk of the disease from getting worse. Based on the results of clinical and paraclinical examination, the patient is consulted for a comprehensive assessment of the disease condition, severity, and stage of progression of the disease, in coordination with leading experts and doctors. The doctor decided to choose liver resection using the Takasaki pedicle control method to treat the 2 patients mentioned above.

Both surgeries lasted more than 3 hours and were successful beyond expectations. The patient’s liver pedicle was controlled during surgery, the area of ​​resection was safe and tumor-free, the remaining liver function was guaranteed to be normal, and liver function assessment tests were completely normal. Pathological results of the liver tumors of both patients were hepatocellular carcinoma.

The Takasaki pedicle control liver resection technique is an anatomically correct liver resection technique with the advantage of completely eliminating small metastases in the liver segments and subsegments, reducing the recurrence rate, while limiting Prevents anemia in the remaining liver, reduces blood loss during liver resection, does not cause intestinal blood stasis, shortens surgery time and reduces complication rates… This technique is one of the treatment methods. Effective for some liver diseases, especially liver tumors and liver cancer.

However, this is a difficult and complex technique that requires very high surgeon capacity, so currently this technique is only performed mainly at large medical centers throughout the country and at some hospitals. provincial hospital. The successful implementation of the Takasaki stem control method of liver tumor resection at Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital marks a major turning point in liver cancer treatment, opening up great opportunities for patients to be treated right at the hospital. home province.

According to doctors, primary hepatocellular carcinoma accounts for more than 90% of liver cancers. In Vietnam, hepatocellular carcinoma is highly related to hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Therefore, it is recommended that as soon as a child is born, he or she should be fully vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine. For adults, it is necessary to have a health check and test for hepatitis B and hepatitis C. If you do not have it, you can get an additional vaccine to prevent hepatitis B, but if you have been confirmed positive for hepatitis B virus. , C requires good treatment compliance. Besides, people also need to have regular health checks and screening to detect liver cancer early; Especially for people with hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and cirrhosis.

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